Let the natural essences and fragrant powers of plants guide you to holistic wellbeing and relaxation. As you find your way to stress relief at my practice, your comfort is front and center. Personalized aromatherapy treatments strengthen your body’s resources, so you can face the challenges of everyday life with ease and optimism. Aromatherapy is a complementary treatment and involves the use of essential oils in different applications to bring your body and mind to a state of equilibrium (homeostasis). This balance plays a vital role in rejuvenation and finding a lasting sense of calm.


Aromatherapy is also suitable for children. This gentle treatment can help them fall asleep or sleep through the night, ease their anxiety, self-regulate their moods, improve their concentration, and even boost their confidence.


Fresh, minty, spicy or warm: Every aromatherapy treatment starts with a carefully done anamnesis. This means that you will be asked how you are feeling, how you would describe your current mood, and if you are experiencing any issues such as stress, difficulty sleeping, mood swings, exhaustion, tension, migraines, joint inflammation, etc. Your answers will influence the session and the essences you will smell. Your personal aroma blend will be created based on the spontaneous reaction of your sense of smell.


All essential and carrier oils are carefully selected and are of the highest quality, and most are organic.

Aroma Massage

For your Aroma Massage, the massage oil is blended with your personal aroma blend on the spot. There are a variety of carrier oils that can be used to address different needs. The fragrance will envelope your whole body, and the gentle movements of the massage will transport you into a space of deep relaxation. The Aroma Massage is different from a classic massage because only a gentle touch is applied to the body, which combines with the power of the essential oil to effectively reach deeper tissue. As the aroma comes alive, your tension will be released. Aroma Massages can also boost your body’s recovery process by strengthening and stabilizing your immune system.


For relaxed muscles and serenity from the inside out, and for a regular sleep that leaves you feeling well-rested.

Head & Face

For a deep relaxed feeling, especially after a long day sitting at a desk and working on the computer. This massage will help you feel comfortable in your place in the world and helps calm the thoughts running through your mind.


For a harmonious feeling that spreads throughout your body and for inner stability. The belly Aroma Massage promotes smooth digestion and activates the lymph system.

Hands & Arms

For a feeling of vigor and vitality. This massage leaves your body feeling supple, especially after physical strain and hot weather.

90 minutes, CHF 160
abos available on demand

Legs & Feet

For that “walking on air” feeling, calm confidence and an activated lymph system. This treatment starts with a pampering foot bath and therefore lasts longer than the other Aroma Massages.

120 minutes, CHF 180


After every treatment, you can enjoy a little snack so you can take your time as you return to yourself.

Aroma Wraps and Compresses

For this treatment, I apply your personal aroma blend to your skin using a variety of methods depending on your needs. This can include a warm or cool high-quality, natural fiber cloth, a carrier oil, or custom-blended products. This gentle and effective treatment is ideal for stress relief. Not only is your circulation and metabolism stimulated or calmed, but you’ll immediately be surrounded by a feeling of comfort. The fragrance of the essential oils embraces your body and take your mind to a relaxation paradise.

Neck & Shoulders

For supple muscles, deep relaxation, and lasting comfort.


For light legs that feel like you’re walking on clouds, good blood circulation, and a positive outlook.

90 minutes, CHF 140


For a reenergized feeling, improved concentration, and clear sinuses and airways.


For balanced body temperature, calm confidence, and stabilized circulation.

60 minutes, CHF 120

Aroma Foot Bath

For the Aroma Foot Bath treatment, I prepare a bath salt using your personal aroma blend. This treatment is perfect for feet that are always going from one place to the next or that love a strenuous hike.

60 minutes, CHF 90


You can take your aroma blend home and use the bath salt in the comfort of your own tub.

about me

In my family, herbal medicine and the healing power of plants have a long tradition. My path to becoming a certified aromatherapist is paved with a mix of citrus notes, chance and fascination. I moved to Switzerland from the US in 2003 and worked in the catering industry and as an English teacher. A few years ago, I discovered a passion for essential oils when someone recommended that I try orange oil to help balance my mood during my pregnancy. I was so pleased with its effect that I started doing more research into the background of aromatherapy. In 2018, I started my certification program at the schweizerischen Schule für Aromatherapie and in 2021, I graduated with a diploma from SfA Haussener’s school of aromatherapy. It may sound a bit kitschy but opening my own practice for stress relief is a dream come true. You know what they say: when life gives you oranges… say thank you!


I know from personal experience that a busy working week can leave you out of breath, which is exactly why I’m here for you on Saturdays.


Earthy, zesty, woody, sweet. I create personalized body care and scented products for you based on your preferred aroma blend. This includes oils for a diffuser (and blends that are safe for children and pets), scented roll-ons for on the go, massage oils, bath salts, creams, and room sprays. Prices and other products are available upon request.

personal aroma blend consulting

Your personal aroma blend is always based on a smell test. You don’t need to book an aromatherapy treatment for this test.

30 minutes, CHF 80
Including personalised product


Your scent preferences can change depending on your hormone levels, your mood, your current life situation, and more. That’s why your personal aroma blend is checked before every treatment and consultation and recreated if your body needs something different.

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